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Magic had all the questions...Lakers had all the answers. Lakers win series 4-1. posted on 06/16/2009
Congratulations Los Angeles Lakers! When this series started I really thought the Orlando Magic would win their 1st ever NBA title instead it was the Lakers claiming their 15th. I wanted sooooooo badly to hate Kobe Bryant but I couldn't find any reason at all. The guy is the BEST player in the NBA and he is such a professional it almost sickens me. I kept waiting for arrogant Kobe but all I got was a very humble and focused Kobe who said and showed nothing but respect towards his opponents (unlike Queen James). How can you hate a guy that puts that much work and respect into his game? Watching Kobe on TV is like using him in NBA Live, he is just that good. The Lakers were able to do what no other team was able to do, which was slow down and frustrate Dwight Howard using a&nb

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Why hate Favre unless you're a Packer fan? posted on 06/16/2009
You've seen it almost everyday for the past few years, Brett Favre this and Brett Favre that. Love him or hate him but it seems like everyone pays attention to his every move. Up until now I never understood why so many people say they hate Favre, I mean if he still believes he can play at a high level then why not give it a go? How many times have you been hard pressed on a big decision in your life? Don't hate Favre for that, if anything blame the media for over-saturation. Day after day after day they headline where he ate dinner, who he talked to, what kind of jeans he is wearing (Id put my money on Wrangler) because they know that we will watch closely and talk about it as of we know the guy. So I never had a gripe with him (I actually am a fan of the guy) until now. I'm a b

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Cotto vs. Clottey will give boxing fans what they want...A fight! posted on 06/12/2009
Miguel Cotto (33-1) returns to the ring this Saturday to face a very tough fighter in Joshua Clotty (35-2). This fight promises to be action packed and sure to please boxing fans. If you want to see 2 good boxers actually go toe to toe and fight than this is the fight for you. Both fighters are known for not backing down and standing tall. My prediction: Cotto in 10.

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Do the Magic have any more magic? posted on 06/12/2009
Time and time again this season the Orlando Magic have been tested and counted out and they seem to always bounce back like a team destined for great things. Nobody gave them a shot in hell to beat Boston especially in a Game 7 and then came the Cleveland 'Lebrons' Cavs who seemed to even have the refs on their side. Yet the Magic were able to put it together and shut the haters up. NBA Finals put them against the Lakers and now they find themselves being doubted yet again and who could blame them, I mean Lakers are up 3-1. So the Lakers have this in the bag right? If you have been watching the Magic as long as I have then you should know better than to assume their done especially considering this series could EASILY be 3-1 in favor of Orlando. Game 5 is at home and I find it hard to

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